Author: Kim Zastrow

Today we will be exploring the importance of having a résumé that reflects the position you are applying for and why having an explanation for gaps in employment is essential. A relevant and well written résumé will enhance the opportunity for you to be in front of the employer for an interview. Employers are faced with hundreds of incoming résumés that they skim through. If they don’t see that your résumé matches what they are looking for, they will not hesitate to discard it. Don’t give them a reason to reject you based on an inaccurate representation of your skill set. Here are some tips from our VITESSE recruiting team that you can use to have a spectacular and relevant résumé.

Tip #15: Tailor your résumé for each specific position you’re applying for

A common mistake that people make when they are looking for a job is creating a general résumé and sending it out to as many employers as possible without gearing the résumé towards the specific position they are applying to and referencing the job description. If this is being done, prospective employers will be looking at a very generic résumé and they will not find the key required skills and abilities they are looking for. You may actually be qualified for the position and be the most fitting candidate, but since your résumé does not reflect that, the employer is most likely not going to consider you for the position.

An explanation for a job on a generic résumé may look something like “worked with employees in a sales setting.” Let’s just say that in reality, that position allowed you to gain sales and managerial experience. You should rephrase the original statement based on the position you are currently applying for.

Now, let’s say that you are applying for a position that is more managerial based. An example of rephrasing that initial statement in order to fit the position you are applying for may be, “recruited, hired, trained and supervised more than 20 employees in the sales department with $3 million in annual sales.” Both of these statements are representing the same person, yet the second explains that you have experience as a supervisor, possess the ability to hold others accountable, and that you are a profitable asset to the company.

Tip #16: Explain any gaps in employment

When writing your résumé, keep in mind that you should be able to explain any gaps in employment you may have. When a prospective employer notices that there is a large gap in your résumé, they will wonder the reasoning as to why you were unemployed and may feel like you are not goal-oriented. A gap that can be explained with a specific reasoning is much more acceptable than a gap without an explanation. A lack of an explanation may leave the impression that you did not do anything productive with your time.

Make sure that you emphasize any activities that you did during your gap that can improve your professional standing. Things that you should mention are taking courses, acquiring a certification, volunteering, or having an internship. These types of activities show the prospective employer that you are working towards bettering your future, focused on the long term and see continuity in your career path.

We hope you enjoy your rest of the week and thanks again for tuning in to our blog!