Orientation Video Quiz

1. When you accept a job offer, which has priority during your work hours?

2. Aside from your personal telephone number, whose telephone number should you also provide to VITESSE so we can call that person in case you are involved in an emergency at the work site?

3. To ensure punctuality, how many minutes early should you arrive at the work site during a scheduled shift?

4. Who will provide you the information on your daily work hours at the job site and the length of your assignment?

5. Which of the following is a good example of dressing appropriately at the job site?

6. Your Recruiter will share with you what information about your work so you have clear expectations at the work site?

7. Who is your employer of record?

8. On your first day at work, what should you ask your assigned supervisor for?

9. If you are late or not coming to work on your scheduled work day, what should you do?

10. If you have a question relating to your work at the job site, who should you direct your question to?

11. In order to meet job expectations, what are the important traits/qualities you must possess?

12. Which of the following work site policies are common practice:

13. For your safety, which of the following safety requirements may be applicable at the job site:

14. Whose responsibility it is to return items assigned to you such as a name badge, devices, tools and equipment after completion of your job assignment?

15. Is it ethical to transfer to another staffing agency offering you the same job at the same job site while you are still actively employed at VITESSE?

16. Who should you notify immediately when your personal contact information changed?

17. If you want to change your paycheck receipt method or W4 for tax allowance purposes, you must submit a written request to:

18. You are responsible for the timely submittal of your time sheet at the completion of your work week. The absolute deadline for timesheet submission is:

19. Which of the following options are available to you to receive your paycheck?

20. What do you do when you receive your first paycheck?

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