VITESSE has built a solid reputation in the industry for its ability to provide qualified staff, including hard-to-find specialized positions, when needed, as needed.  This has become the catalyst of VITESSE’s long-term success as two-thirds of our business has come from customer referrals.  As evidence of our ability to deliver quality service, 85% of our clients send their job requisitions to VITESSE, first.  15% of our placements are from Clients’ endorsed talents. This speaks volumes on our business credibility and delivery.

With the frequently changing requirements of employer compliance and labor law regulations, you need a partner who will keep you current and protected. At VITESSE, we have formed strategic alliances with leading organizations to help you protect your brand, no matter what changes occur in the marketplace. You stay focused on growing your business. We do more than staffing; we protect your brand.

Specialized Recruiting & Staffing Agency

We have been in business for over two decades providing recruiting & staffing services for specialized jobs and industries.  We maintain a large pool of pre-qualified, vetted workers and a recruiting network of over 250 organizations and job clubs.  We utilize social networks as well as professional referrals

Diligent Pre-Employment Screening

We guarantee that all of our candidates are E-verified. Drug testing is required for all Equipment Operators and safety sensitive positions. Fit-to-duty physical checkups are mandatory for all physically demanding positions.

Dedicated Bilingual Point of Contact Recruiter

We are structured to provide our clients a single channel of communication which results in an efficient temp requisition process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction. You get qualified workers and the job done on schedule. We can provide Same Day Offer/Early Arrival for a large number of positions.

Cloud-Based Timeclock

We can provide cloud-based timeclock. Clients have access to review and approve time records in real time online.

Excellent Pricing

We are privately owned & independently operated. We keep our overhead low and pass the savings onto our clients. We have an excellent track record of solid financial standing and stable workforce.

Local Talent

We give priority to local talents where the work site is located. This minimizes commute time and gas expenses. Associates are happier and more productive.

Medical Clinic Network

We have a very well-established network of medical clinics within miles of the work site to handle workers’ injury in a timely manner.

Total Compliance

VITESSE is in compliance with all Local, State & Federal Employment Laws & payroll tax regulations.  Starting July 1st, 2020, Work Place Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training is a part of our standard new hire on-boarding process.

Free Worksite Safety & OSHA Compliance Evaluation

Safety is everyone’s concern. Once we form an established partnership with you, we will request to visit your site so that our safety and OSHA-compliance expert may be able to assess the environment and make a complimentary recommendation report.

Award Winner

We are celebrating two decades of outstanding service to our clients and associates, as seen by the receipt of multiple business awards and recognition for our Recruiting & Staffing service and quality of delivery.

VITESSE forms strategic alliances with leading industry organizations to offer best practices in recruiting and staffing services for both Clients and Associates, illustrating how we are more than qualified.