Corporate Staff

Let me express my gratitude for the wonderful opportunities for professional growth and development VITESSE has provided me. Not only professional, but also personal, I want to thank you for what you have done for me. I have learned so much and your guidance and mentorship have been invaluable. I also greatly enjoyed working with such a supportive and dynamic team. While I am excited by the new opportunities that I will be pursuing, I will always remember my time at VITESSE Recruiting with great fondness.
Humberto Cordova

Corporate Manager, VITESSE

Not only is Ms. Zastrow a strong, and successful leader, but she’s also an excellent coach to her employees whom she cares for. Ms. Zastrow is a role model; always inspiring and sharing her wide knowledge in the industry with VITESSE members. Anyone seeking to be mentored or inspired to pursue his or her dreams should highly consider working for VITESSE’s corporate office.
Oscar Mesa

Executive Assistant, VITESSE

I wanted to reach out to thank you for all your blessings and the teachings that you gave me. I have brought with me in my journey the lessons you taught me in my time there at VITESSE. You took a chance on me when I wasn’t the most qualified to take on the position you offered and you prepared me on how to deal with any speed bumps I would encounter on the road to reach the goals I set out for myself. I could never thank you enough for that. I am blessed to have met you and to have worked for you and I want you to know that.
Jose Lopez

On Site Supervisor, VITESSE

I enjoyed my time at VITESSE greatly. Because of VITESSE I can honestly say that recruiting is one of the best careers someone can learn and get into. Kim taught me so much that there were times I felt that I was receiving an MBA for free! I worked with a team that was not only some of the best colleagues that I have ever had but have become friends for life. I genuinely enjoyed not only serving our customers needs in employing qualified individuals but also placing individuals that truly deserved those positions as well. VITESSE was an incredible environment to be at and I truly believe that any company or organization looking for qualified, driven, motivated and talented candidates to open up a relationship with VITESSE. Thank you Kim!.
Sepehr Bostajani

Recruiter, VITESSE

Ms. Kim, I am writing this letter to show how pleased I am to have a boss like you to work with. You are a gem of a person hardly found in this competitive world. You taught me to deal with the inner politics that are a common part of the corporate world. Kim, you’re a mentor to me and I really feel lucky to have a boss like you. Thanks for being so nice and supportive to me and everyone else at VITESSE.
Lupe Suerez

Senior Techincal Recruiter, VITESSE