Safety Video Quiz

1. I need to know where my nearest emergency exists are at all times

2. After an emergency evacuation of the warehouse, I am supposed to go to

3. When walking across the warehouse, you do not have to stop at blind corners or intersections because pedestrians have the right-of-way.

4. All accidents involving personal injury, property damage, near misses, and/or bumps from equipment with no damage must be reported to your Direct Supervisor.

5. When lifting, you should keep your back

6. When lifting it is best to lift quickly in a fast jerking motion

7. You should always test the weight of your load before lifting

8.When picking up a load less than 5 lbs off the ground, you can pick it up using

9. The squat lift is best for loads weighing

10. The straddle lift is used for irregular shaped objects like a sandbag, where a normal squat lift will not work

11. After picking up a load with your legs and a straight back, you can quickly drop the weight on your way down

12. What are the consequences of fraudulent Worker’s Compensation claims?

Where Score is revealed in % and if passed