What We Offer

Direct Placement

A computer algorithm that determines candidates simply based on resume content is rarely adequate. We utilize a comprehensive search technique which involves the latest technology, job boards, social media, and an extensive network. Our target is not the most available candidates, but rather, the most qualified professional to be the best fit for your business. Our pre-screening procedures entails more than just the basics of education verification, background checks, drug testing, and credit testing. We go beyond this by providing you valuable insight into the new hire’s personality through our various testing and interviewing methods. You will be supplied with information as to how the individual will typically react while functioning as part of a team; how he or she conducts himself or herself as a leader or a subordinate; and finally, what kind of incentivizing motivates him or her the most.

Project Staffing

By working with VITESSE, Clients will be provided with in-depth labor market information on desired positions. This results in substantial cost savings by timely augmentation or reduction of personnel as the project progresses.

Temp To Hire

Our Quality Assurance Prequalification Process (QAPP) ensures that only legal-to-work and qualified candidates are submitted to Clients for job consideration and hiring. All candidates are advised early on during the hiring process that we will conduct pre-employment screening to immediately eliminate candidates who cannot meet these requirements.

Contingent Workforce

VITESSE constantly builds and replenishes our vetted workers’ pool. This significantly enhances our response time to Clients’ hiring needs. One of our placement priorities is to hire local workers for your job site, so there are shorter commute times with fewer expenses resulting in more content and productive workers.

Payroll Service | Client Endorsed Candidates

At VITESSE, our focus is not about simply making a placement but providing a qualified and engaged employee. We will notify our Clients and decline their endorsed workers if they do not satisfy our pre-employment screening. With such diligence, VITESSE provides assurance that the endorsed candidate will truly meet the expectations of the business.