Author: Kim Zastrow


Case Study: IPO/ Strategic Partner

It was back in 2002 when we approached the company in Orange County, California to propose providing electronics personnel for their production. The company manufactures thin-film printed circuit boards for flat-screen televisions. This type of device provides a higher level of definition for visual images and has a very different and stylish look.


VITESSE Recruiting (VITESSE) was the 7th Staffing firm approved and brought on board with the company. Within 2 and a half months, we quickly climbed to the top as the primary Staffing provider with over 150 temp workers on assignment.


The Executives’ ultimate goal was to push production to the maximum and go IPO. VITESSE was in regular consultation with client management to retain stable production personnel for this major endeavor. We were engaged in all aspects of production scheduling and planning. Our team was provided access to production to learn about the work environment and requirements of job skills for each department. Our Recruiters provided new hires a thorough orientation on what was expected of them at the workplace and what they could expect. The result was that we had less than 2% turnover.


The management wanted to increase productivity and maximize the output of production. We were asked to visit and discussed with the executives if we could provide manpower to run the production around the clock to 5 shifts from its current 3 shifts. The 4th shift will run from 6:00 am on Friday to 6:00 pm on Sunday and the 5th shift from 6:00 pm on Friday to 6:00 am on Monday. We proposed the employees of these shifts be paid the full 40hrs for 36hrs work. After careful consideration and discussion among our Recruiting team members, we accepted the challenge.


The company successfully achieved the target production output, went IPO, and was listed on Nasdaq in 2004.





We’re not in the jobs business; we’re in the people business.


VITESSE is a premier recruiting and staffing company because of our focus on the individual needs of both companies and candidates.  Our goal is to provide the best fit for the needs of both parties and at the same time to elevate the level of skill and business being provided.  Why not see what we can do for you?