With a 94.68 Rating Score™ and an impressive average rating of 4.67 stars on verified review sites, VITESSE Recruiting has landed a spot among the top 10 recruiting sites in the entire state of California. Here are just two of the many reviews that got them here:

“The only reason I am giving five stars [is that] seven stars or 10 stars were not available. Kim and her team at Vitesse Recruiting are the best that I have met. My experience with Kim has been exceptional from the first moment we had our initial phone conversation. Kim put the interest of her clients and the interest of the job seeker above all. When you work with Kim and her team to seek a job opportunity, you receive excellent service and learn a lot about how your skills and qualifications would suit the needs of the employer. I highly recommend Kim’s professional service to any job seeker and prospective employer.” -Raymond A.

“I want to thank Vitesse Recruiting Group. They go out of their way to help you in any way. [My recruiter] in the Tustin facility was great! She kept me up to date with all the information going on, made everything pretty much simple for a person who has never worked with an agency before. Thank you, Vitesse Recruiting Staff.” -Fabian H.

Not Your Average Recruiting Company

Kim Zastrow, CEO and founder of VITESSE,when asked what sets Vitesse apart, had this to say:

“First of all, I would say that we work with a purpose, we work with our heart. Of course, business is about profit but it cannot be the purpose of the business. If we care for people, we provide the right services, then the money will come. But that is not the purpose. I am in this business because I realize the significant impact that we have on people’s lives and to help businesses get the job done. My perspective on how to serve has changed and evolved according to the needs of the customers and the companies and the job candidates…”

Building Success Through

As the CEO of an award-winning business, Kim has tons of wisdom to provide to other businesses. She said, “I have been invited as a speaker on many occasions and I can pick and choose my topic and one of the topics I have chosen before is entrepreneurship. So my advice, in business, if you choose the entrepreneurial path, there would be challenges. Look at challenges as opportunity. There is a saying that if you want to be successful, fail more. Just remember that the failure is never a failure if you pick yourself up, learn from the lesson and move on.”